For wholesale order we work on agreement and the minimum order amount we accept is 0.5 kg of total order.

What are the Advantages and Dis-advantages?


a) Every product is sold at a wholesale price.

b) We give 30% discount on total order.

c) We accept only 80% payment to ship you package and 20% only when you must have sold and or wants to order again.

d) Package will be sent out for shipping and delivered within 24 hours with express shipping.


a) We won’t sell to you again if we face difficulty getting the 20% payment balance for previous sale from you.

b) We accept no responsibility if you run into any trouble while re-selling locally.

c) You or the company must have a business license or if not must be ready to deal with us in total discretion.

Fill the form below to place order.

Enter the name of the product(s) you want to buy, separate with comma.

You shall be asked for shipping address only when the deal is set and ready to be shipped.

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