Northern Light

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Look – Tight light green nuggets with a good covering of crystals and orange hair patches here and there



Indica – 99% Indica – 1% Sativa

THC: 16% – 21% CBD: <0.1% CBN: <0.1%

Few strains accompany the maximum amount widespread renown as aurora borealis , inarguably one among the foremost popular strains of all time. An inbred descendant of original Afghani landrace strains, aurora borealis may be a pure indica. THC levels can reach 16-21%, making this one among the foremost potent strains available on any market. A few hits is all it takes for many patient’s seeking this strain’s powerful body effects, an upbeat mixture of euphoria and physical relaxation.

CBD levels are less clear, but they certainly aren’t high enough to recommend this as a treatment for seizures or other conditions that answer CBD. Even so, aurora borealis may be a highly useful medical strain, effective at treating anxiety, pain, and insomnia, also as lack of appetite. Cottonmouth is common, as are red eyes, while other negative effects are far more limited. This strain features a sweet, earthy flavor with hints of citrus. Aurora borealis is hottest on the West Coast and in Colorado.Bbut it is a favorite just about everywhere else marijuana are often found.

2 reviews for Northern Light

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    Gotten thanks, i will update when to five stars when i consume.

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    Thanks, rate this high when I taste your new products.

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